Sunday, May 1, 2016

Paleo and Loot Crate 05.01.16

A couple weeks ago I decided to try the Paleo diet to keep my blood sugar down while losing weight. I've made quite a few meals and most of them have been totally delicious, not to mention I feel great eating them knowing that they are all fresh ingredients. 

These are portobello mushroom pizzas. They have pepperoni, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and olives on them. Kind of juicy but really good. 

Portobello Pizza
My kids had theirs with lots of cheese, to be perfectly honest they didn't really like the mushrooms and just ate the toppings.
Mmm Cheesy!
This one was Cuban shredded beef and fried zucchini. River and Rain liked it but Sky was unimpressed with the zucchinis.
I thought it was yummy.
Taco fries was the one dish we all agreed on. It's french fries topped with taco meat, veggies and a bit of salsa. Even Sky liked it once we switched from sweet potatoes to regular ones.
Taco Fries for the win!
The best part about this is that I'm not hungry most of the time and I've been losing weight on it. There's something to cutting out processed food for sure!

On another note, I'm a huge geek. I love video games, comic books, cartoons, anime, all of it. At any rate I have been getting Loot Crates for a while now and have been really enjoying all the awesome stuff so I figured I'd share a few here.

This is a watch out of the gaming crate. It works great for me when I'm driving because the light only comes on when pressed so it doesn't mess with my night vision. Plus it's just flat out cool.

Here's some other things from recent Loot Crates. I love the glass and cooling stone (just got it a couple days ago). Sky is way into Adventure Time so it was cool to get the glow in the dark Finn too. 

Whisky and cherry flavoring... For the HORDE!
At any rate if anyone wants to give Loot Crate a try you can get 5 bucks off using this link Loot Now and, bonus, I get 5 bucks off of my geeky addiction so win win :). By the way this months theme is Power so you'll be getting some Marvel and Warcraft stuff in your crate.

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