Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sky's Birthday! 11.05.15

My oldest just turned 9 on the 3rd and her birthday has been ongoing for the last few days. On the second her Grandpa took her out to Subway and bought her Minecraft. Sky is way into video games and she's really good at them so that was the perfect gift. The picture is from this morning because she hasn't stopped playing it since she got it. 
Sky playing Minecraft
The big surprise for her was last night when Grandma made the trip out and brought her even more birthday goodies.
Backpack, Card, Fuzzy Boots, and Glow Sticks.
I asked her to just look normal and got an eye roll. She cracks me up. I love my big girl.
Are we done yet Mom?
For her birthday we got Chinese food (her favorite) and watched some movies on Netflix. Sky is going to do the 5k with me at the end of February, which will be a ton of fun.

On that note I really haven't been keeping up with the whole exercising thing, in fact I haven't really started it so I will remedy that today. I am still dropping weight though so yay! That's all for now, we'll talk to you all later.

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