Sunday, November 1, 2015

Update and Beginning Again! 11.01.15

So I should probably start by apologizing for promising to keep everyone updated and not following through. It has been an eventful year. Since the last time I wrote we ended up going to live at the KOA from November of last year up until August. We tried to buy a house but the deal fell through, which was okay in retrospect, I'm closer to work and am home every night which I would not have been if we had gotten the place we wanted. Now we are living in an actual house (First time for me! Yay!) under a rent to own contract. It's old and has some problems but they're problems I can fix, and hey hardwood floors for when the kids spill things. The neighborhood we're in is quiet and everyone is so nice, it is night and day from leaving the apartments last year. It seriously was the best thing that ever happened to me. 

Now I'm going to jump to today and work back a little. I had a beautiful drive up to Omak and caught some amazing scenery on the way back. Even though I have been to these places many times I am always struck by the unique beauty present no matter where I'm at. Here's a little snapshot of my drive back.  
Hwy 17 Headed to Soap Lake
Yesterday we all got to carve pumpkins with our neighbors. The girls had a blast and the moon didn't turn out half bad. After pumpkins we sat around and passed out candy to the kids trick-or-treating. I didn't get it together in time to go with the kids but they still enjoyed copious amounts of candy.
Our Moon and Stars Pumpkin
The only downside to yesterday had a lot to do with me being insanely clumsy. After we carved the moon with the "proper" pumpkin carving tools we went home and I decided to carve another pumpkin with my pocket knife. At any rate I ended up sticking said knife into my hand. It's closed up and healing just fine but it was crazy embarrassing.
Yeah, I'm not always the sharpest tool in the shed.
Last but certainly not least (yes I'm excited :p) I've been losing weight. I have gained a bunch of weight in the past decade or so and staying in a travel trailer at the KOA only made it worse. So on September 20th, at 240.4 pounds, I decided to do something about it. I started by logging all the food I ate everyday but it was just way too tedious. So I just stopped eating while I worked and weighed myself everyday. One big thing I learned from this is that weight loss is not linear, it goes up and down depending on what and how much I eat on any given day. There is a general downward trend, however, and I am "organically" learning what my body thrives on and what just gets stored away. 

My goal for September was to get under 240, which I did. My goal for October then was to get under 230, which, again, I did (see the trend?). Now here on November 1st I weigh 226.4 lbs. That's 14 pounds lost! While I don't see a real difference, I definitely feel it. My knees don't hurt and I'm not winded anymore walking from the truck to the bathroom. Seriously, I am way to young to have been that out of shape. So here I am today, still in size 44 pants and a 3X shirt but I am getting there. 

My goal for this month (as you've all probably guessed) is to get under 220 which will put me at the lightest I've been in over a year. If I can keep this rate up I want to run a 5k in February. Which leads me to my next goal for this month. Exercising three times a week, starting today. 

So wish me luck, I'm off to do that now.

River photobombing Mommy.
P.S. I promise that this time I really will keep you all updated and post a new "selfie" once a month so you can all watch me shrink :P.

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